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Attorneys have always been involved with people.

Their profession is one of personal relationships. The well-being, success, integrity and freedom of the man in the street is often directly related to his/her personal involvement with his/her attorney.

The people who make up the profession are constantly involved in the development of its institutions and in the promotion of whatever goal that has from time to time been seen as worthy of achievement.k In reviewing the history of our profession of the past hundred years we must of necessity review the goals that have been set and achieved by our predecessors in the unending quest for improvement of the quality of life of our fellow citizens.

In our turn we rely on the foundations built by our predecessors, and must take note of their failures and successes in order to set our aim for the future. Accordingly we are indebted to those stalwarts whose deeds we have recorded - members who worked long and hard to bring the Law Society from its humble beginnings of one hundred years ago to the present membership - a Law Society one century old where a government was established only about one and a half centuries ago. No doubt our successors, when another century has passed, will also find it profitable to look back before setting the course for the future.

The extracts of the history on the webpages are contained in the centenary album of the attorney’s profession in the old Transvaal as far as it was possible and able to establish it. History and memorable achievements are not always documented, and the increase in membership makes it difficult to preserve by word of mouth the unrecorded events. Many of the important players and events may have gone unacknowledged because the compiler of the book was unable to gain access to information of the achievements.

It is respectfully hoped that in 2092 our descendants will look back on those who made contributions to the ideals of our profession during the century that is now commencing and find that it has been maintained, and even improved upon, the standards that were set by those who went before.